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Hand roll portable piano reviews (5 stars reviews)

The daughter started showing interest in learning the piano. We don't have space in our apartment for a keyboard or a big piano. For the money, this thing seems to do everything. Records and has all the rhythms and tone configurations. A first day playing with it and she's already a natural. The keys are delicate and sound fantastic. This was an excellent gift!


I purchased this keyboard for my son. He wants to learn the piano. We were using the app from a tablet for him to learn the piano. A real piano was too huge for us, it's going to take excessive storage. There is 120 tones in this piano. User-friendly easy to store. Excellent for a gift, too. Love it.

Taikia K.

My 7-year-old has found an excuse to play with this rather than the "real" thing every night since we got it. She has nightly piano practice and this has come in handy when she isn't home or if she requires assistance on a certain song she can merely bring the lightweight flexible keyboard to me to help. The volume is loud enough and the keyboard rolls.

up to an ideal size for storage. The headphone jack is a plus- can't wait to play with for travel!


I always wished to have a piano that is portable and effortlessly can carry even when traveling. i am so glad that i found one. this roll up piano is a fantastic addition because of the fact that it does perform well and also portable just as you can see in the photo, it's really smooth and easy to play. It seems quite smooth and also very elegant. like the fact that it has a compact bag after you pack it up all. my children love to have fun with it with just a few days we got this one. actually we plan to have piano lessons set up for them now:-RRB-.


Hand roll portable piano reviews(4 stars reviews).

I got this piano for my kid so she could perform when we're traveling or moving. She likes it! The piano rolls up small so that it doesn't occupy much room on my suitcase and she takes pleasure in playing the demos and trying out the various instrument sounds when she just desires to play. I'm really pleased with the high quality of this keyboard.

I'm an advanced pianist, so I gave it a try for myself. While it's great to practice on, I wouldn't use it for performance.

Darren K.

Hand roll portable piano reviews (negative reviews).

even though the idea is valuable, and sound quality is respectable, the keys were hard to navigate, they are not spaced appropriately.