Wooden Stubborn Man Toy Reviews

Wooden Stubborn Man Toy Reviews

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Wooden Stubborn Man Toy Reviews (5 stars reviews):

I gave it to my child as a gift, and my son could have fun with it for an afternoon. It's incredible, it won't drop. As the description says, you break it up and he will immediately recover. If there are other designs, I will buy one more.


The wooden stubborn man toy was a gift for one of my kids who enjoy magic. It seems to be ideal and a successful first adventure into the world of magic. this child-friendly toy is really perfect for beginners, user-friendly and with practice, will not take too much time to learn and isn't not too difficult to remember for a child.

Marge E.

Excellent.product. Exceptional service! Truly fun toy. The kids love this toy. It is hard to knock all the bottom pieces out, but it absolutely makes you keep getting back to try again. I also really enjoy the solid wood design, a little nicer to have fun with than plastic.

Mary C.

My cousin is quite the joker and enjoys playing tricks. We are so fired up to present him with this box of magic trick for Christmas. I think my husband is more enthusiastic than my nephew will be. The package came much faster than anticipated and exactly what we were searching for. Thank you!

Charles H.

I offered this wooden stubborn man toy to my 5-year-old son for Christmas. He's very enthusiastic and got a lot of joy from that and he did carry out this show on several days. He'll most likely learn the tricks from his father soon.

Julia M.

Wooden Stubborn Man Toy Reviews (4 stars reviews)

My first impression of the WesGen Feeke Unbreakable Wooden Man was that the ads really make it look more simple and easy then it ended up being. It really is a magic trick plain and simple and I think I was wishing it was created with magnets but it wasn't. , I won't expose how the trick is performed but you'll rapidly see how it works when you uncover the product.

Con: was expecting it was less magic trick and more toy.

Overall: Appearances can be tricking but that's what magic tricks are for so I can't really complain too much.

Would I recommend: Yes for youngsters.


Wooden Stubborn Man Toy Reviews (negative reviews)

I have gotten this toy but for a Christmas gift so I really did not know how it works.Thank You.

Anne Armstrong

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