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Intelligent Escaping Toy Reviews (5 stars reviews):

My grand kitty, Alexander, just lost his sibling kitty, and he has been very depressing. He hasn't intended to do much. I got him this awesome smart toy wishing it would bring back his energy. It has in a big way! It's smart since it seems to feel his motion and then it reacts with a counter move! Not only does it give Alexander with a break from solitude, but it also aids him get exercise and raises his spirits. It's an incredible cat toy!

Jacque Butterfield.

Fun for all cats any age. This intelligent escaping toy moves so swiftly even gets my lazy cat up and going striving to stop it. They go after it all over the house and it moves smooth throughout my carpet without getting stuck. it's good for them to get some exercise and pleasant for me and my kids to watch also.


I purchased this intelligent escaping toy for our most recent kitten. He instantly hunted and followed it around. This product is enjoyable, moves aimlessly. Not only did my kitty, and aging cats enjoy the toy, our 54-pound pup took an interest. After hitting the toy around, he picked it up in his mouth and dropped it several times. The toy continued going!!! Extremely recommended for cats, dogs, and young children.


I didn't know what to expect when I got this toy for my cats, but it truly moves a lot. We have an open concept floor plan and it moves everywhere. It is continuously on the go and maintaining the cats engaged. Our tile floor is harsh, but it moves over it effortlessly. It even moves over our thick shag carpet without getting stuck. The cats really enjoy it and I leave it on for them for hours. You might want to set up an obstacle on top of stairs if you don't want it to move down.


Intelligent Escaping Toy Reviews (4 stars reviews)

It's kind of loud and my cats are a little bit nervous of it, but most curious and they seem to take pleasure in being 'chased' by it. It does get stuck a lot, but also seems to figure its way out after 5-10 minutes, which is sufficient time to recapture my cats' interest in it. I 'd purchase it again.


Intelligent Escaping Toy Reviews (Negative reviews):

My dog didn't enjoy it, it might be better if the toy was quieter. But the fact my dog basically ignored is the problem.

M. Baranzyk