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Magic Sofa Cover Reviews (5 stars reviews):

I'm very delighted by having this magic sofa cover . I have a little loveseat I got years ago at Ikea. It's a light beige/ cream color and gets dirty quickly. It's in my bedroom so it's not like it's in the main room and I didn't anticipate flawlessness in the fit, I just desired a cover to improve the loveseat. I placed the cover on by myself without any trouble. I can't believe how easy it was and my little loveseat has been changed. It looked so good that when my husband saw it he really thought it was a new piece of furniture. That's how great the cover fits.

My suggestions is to go slowly when putting the cover on, don't hurry and be innovative. I wound up using several large safety pins on the fabric below the loveseat to gather and fasten the fabric where it looked a little baggy and not as fitted. I rested on it last night and my dog fell asleep on it all night and nothing moved or untucked. Hopefully, it will hold up well.


I've been digging for a fairly priced couch cover that would fit my very large couch (110inches armrest to armrest). I required something that would entirely cover the couch and tuck in. The traditional dog couch cover never worked, I was continuously readjusting and fighting it so discovering this cover has significantly reduced the couch stress. My dog loves to lay on the couch with me but with toys and bones, I didn't want my furniture messed up. The cover is super smooth and very stretchy without losing its color or sturdiness. It's standing up extremely well to what my large dog and very messy eater boyfriend have thrown at it. It remains in place generally which is good. While I'm not super fascinated the patterns and would have liked a solid color this is absolutely a lifesaver. I'm going to buy another for my chair and a half.


My loveseat ended up looking much like the picture. But I must admit I had my husband find out how to work on that. He said the foam pieces were actually handy. This couch doesn't get sat on much, so I don't know how much the cover moves and needs to be readjusted. But to deal with a horribly tarnished couch in a previous playroom, this cover is excellent.


Hi! I don't typically do many reviews unless I really like my buy obviously lol! I have a big three-seat couch that is very shredded from having it for many years. I gambled and purchased this magic sofa cover and I am so pleased I did! It is so beautiful and fits so well with my sitting room colors! As I said my couch is huge so if you worried whether it will fit or not ... it should. I will say that it comes along with little sponges to keep it tucked in on the sides but they don't stay since they are too light. I'll find out something for those. Anyway, it is gorgeous, very nice fabric and I'm pleased with my purchase! Thank you!

Sandra H.

Magic Sofa Cover Reviews (5 stars reviews):

I like the pattern of this magic sofa cover. The fabric is smooth and stretchy and is easy to fit several shapes. It is a bit thin and I don't think will survive way too many washes, but for the price, it appears to deliver quality as expected. The background color is actually white, while the image on my screen seemed to have a light pink background. Overall happy with my order.

Julia L

Magic Sofa Cover Reviews (Negative Reviews):

Way too large for a regular chair. I tried to use but unfortunately could not get tucked incorrectly. It's great it came with a throw pillow cover. Ended up donating it.


Anna L