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Garden spiral hole drill planter Reviews (5 stars):

I just completed planting 90 daffodil bulbs in clay soil in about 90 mins. However, the real issue isn't the duration of time it required but the work required. Short version: not much. It was rather a pleasant 90 minutes if you can think of that. And I ought to add that I'm a 60+- year-old woman on the small side. Just incredible.

Ladies, if you give this a shot, make sure to have a good grip on your drill. If you struck a rock or some other obstacle, the drill will spiral hard and wrench your wrist. But that's just what occurs when using a drill, not an object of the bulb auger.

Last spring, in a victory of fantasy over reality, I ordered 400 bulbs. It wasn't long before I was sorry for the order, believing I 'd never have the ability to get the bulbs grown. But this product is making that dream come true. Three-hundred more bulbs to go-- the majority of them shallow plantings, like crocus-- and I'm really looking forward to it. This is the ONLY way to plant bulbs.

Tracey R.

I was planting in an area that was difficult to dig in. I was ready to quit and my wife got this auger. The tool is well made and sturdy. I was in soil worse than concrete (almost) and it works well. Because of the condition of the dirt and roots, I used a 1/2" Skill hammer drill I bought at Lowe's for $40.00 ... Together we work well. In normal dirt, a 3/8 cordless would probably work.

I read a review warning the user against the bit binding on a root and twisting the drill out of your hand. That is a real chance and happened to me numerous times. This is a risk with any drill situation ... if the drill binds, something must give. Wear gloves and eye protection and pay attention. This is not a toy.


Garden spiral hole drill planter Reviews (4 stars):

Should not have waited so long to buy one of these to help in bulb planting. Works well but two cautions: 1. If you have the drill on high speed and the auger encounters a tough root the drill will jerk out of your hand the spin around so you have to beware in this regard. 2nd Caution: The drill will get filthy so don't use your husbands most liked and a costly cordless drill. It will get dirty. I have now been instructed to use the older.


Garden spiral hole drill planter Reviews (negative reviews):

I am so thrilled at the potential of this garden spiral hole drill planter...  the issue is that I have a Bosch drill which does not adapt to the size needed. I just searched for a bit holder that might work. No luck.