Ultrasonic Plaque Removal Tool Reviews

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Ultrasonic Plaque Removal Tool Reviews (5 stars reviews):

As I'm aging, plaque and tartar seem to be a raising problem for me although that I brush, floss and rinse like I'm supposed to. Initially, I was anxious about using a pointed metal implement on my fragile enamel and around my gums, but I mastered it pretty quickly. I have a few areas that tend to get an accumulation of plaque regardless of what I do, and this has been fantastic for taking it out. The tool looks and feels like it's good quality, and I haven't encounter any problems using it routinely for a few weeks.

Michael A.

User-friendly, compact and light enough to hold conveniently. Works perfectly!

I do prefer they had one with a really small tip to try to get much deeper in between the teeth. While this does an incredible job, there are some areas that the tip is somewhat too thick to reach, particularly if you have very small or no spaces between your teeth.


I like this ultrasonic plaque removal tool . I began using it on the highest level right away and it was immediately simple to use. It 'd be very difficult to hurt yourself using this unless you were using it very carelessly.

- User-friendly, fast to learn.

- REALLY works. You can see calculus/tartar 'shaving' off while you're utilizing it.

- No pain or sensitivity.

- It seems like solid construction, no cheap feel.

No, it will not immediately remove major stains, stay consistent and it eventually will.

Absolutely worth your purchase.

linda j.

Ultrasonic Plaque Removal Tool Reviews (4 stars reviews):

I got the ultrasonic plaque removal tool and I assumed that it could be used to bleach my teeth and remove yellow areas but it appears the product is more for professional use in hindsight it is my fault since it was defined as such but if are extremely good at using and need it is certainly a good product. Very comfortable to use and does exactly what it says in its description.

Rose Petal.

Ultrasonic Plaque Removal Tool Reviews (negative reviews):

I attempted to use once - very annoying-- was afraid I would harm my teeth with this--.

Jack Cliff.