Intensive Stain Removal Whitening Toothpaste Reviews

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Intensive Stain Removal Whitening Toothpaste Reviews (5 stars):

Why have I never owned a toothpaste that comes with a pump? I ask myself. This is the handiest way of using toothpaste. We all know what it's like to have it build upon the cover and make a mess. Or needing to squeeze the last bit! So bothersome! I got this product that not only provides a convenient pump but also assists with hard to remove stains. I have an Awful yellow stain on one of my canine teeth and this toothpaste has reduced it.

Amy D.

I'm happily surprised! I thought these would be odd as they are fruit flavored and not mint, but they're literally really good! They do foam when you brush your teeth, but they feel extremely clean after.


I'm absolutely seeing a difference & it's only day 4. This intensive stain removal whitening toothpaste  is more like a gel than a paste & foams up really nice. The flavor is great! I can't wait to see my end results after using it much longer!

Sheila Audet.

I really liked this product. I liked the flavor and smoothness. Very nice bottle, size and very easy to deal with it. My teeth really have a nice and white appearing.

I'm adoring my new toothpaste. I could see lightening results within a couple of uses plus the berry tastes really excellent. Absolutely going to purchase more for the rest of my family to utilize.

Bonni Roseman.

I'm obsessed with this intensive stain removal whitening toothpaste!!! My teeth feel so clean after using it. The taste is a very light mint, I much like it over the traditional overpowering mint toothpaste that makes your mouth feel hot. It's not gritty, it's a very delicate cleaning. It takes just a little bit on your brush so the pot will last forever.

Paula Ross.

This teeth whitener works incredibly. It has a taste of mint in the powder. It is so easy to use.. I love using this product. And the results are incredible. I was stunned at how well it works.


Intensive Stain Removal Whitening Toothpaste Reviews (4 stars):

This toothpaste has a gel consistency and is milky white color. The flavor is fantastic, it really doesn't have baking soda gout, like other baking soda toothpaste. The whitening, however, I really didn't notice much difference than before I started using it, but it seems to clean much better than some others I have used.


The texture and taste of this toothpaste remind me more of soap instead of toothpaste. If it works to whiten my teeth, it will deserve the buy, so time will tell. It also doesn't bubble or foam as much as normal toothpaste, which is fine but doesn't feel like it's really cleaning well. Nevertheless, my teeth do feel clean after. Like I said, time will tell.LeHew.

Emma Shandor.

Pretty good product. They have a nice flavor but I don't care for the consistency. I can definitely tell though that it does bleach my teeth. I've been using it for the past week. Overall not too bad.

Intensive Stain Removal Whitening Toothpaste Reviews (Negative Reviews):

This toothpaste is expensive in my opinion. The taste isn't bad at all, thinking about it's baking soda-based. My 9 year old likes it but it doesn't have fluoride so I only let her use it occasionally. For whitening, I'll think I'll stick with bright on from Smile Direct. It really works although it's not nearly as convenient.

Van Nguyen.

The pump accessory is hard to open. I also think the ads for po werful whitening are overblown. My mouth feels clean after using the product, however, and the taste is pleasant.