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TLM color changing foundation reviews (5 stars reviews):

I paint cars. I need to sand down to the bare metal, put on a sealer, spray a foundation, then put in tone and shades, make the pinstripes, etc., then end with a clear coat ... point being it is a lot like applying makeup.

This foundation is amazing. I imagine there are tons out there to pick from, but with this one my wife has found out that if she puts the right pressure on her brush she can actually make this foundation transform its hue, fitting into her own skin tone leaving behind no ledge, but maintaining it a lighter shade toward her lips nose and eyes by not pushing so hard. It dries into a very nice, very soft blank canvas for her to apply her actual makeup. The makeup finishes up appearing fairly natural, not like she painted it all on, but its more like her face is meant to be those different shades and colors. Trending2 shop did a great job stocking their product and dispatched it out the same day I purchased it. I am very pleased I ordered this product.


I really like this TLM color changing foundation since I have a tough time choosing my best color match. It is a little oily, but your preferred powder over it will deal with that. It is pale coverage, so you may need to put on extra for the coverage you want.

I was PRETTY hesitant, considering how I have very reddish skin on my face. This product looked way too good to be genuine.

But! To my surprise, it DID WORK FLAWLESSLY! It was like having a filter on my face. It's got a soft and clean feel to it, in the photo, I did a half and a half so you can see how amazing the difference is. I used zero primers and nothing else in addition to it. Only the foundation on clean, naked skin. Typically I wouldn't ever post a pic of my naked face, (even if it is half-naked) but this was just too extraordinary. I purchased another one right away and intend on using this and only this foundation later on.

I also have very sensitive skin, and there were no breakouts or effects to my skin the moment I removed it! REALLY LOVE IT!!!!


TLM color changing foundation reviews (4 stars reviews):

I have had this TLM color changing the foundation for several days and so far I love it, it went on smooth, matched my complexion well and worked well in the Georgia heat and humidity. I was hoping for a bit more coverage but I am very delighted with this product.

M Salter

TLM color changing foundation reviews (negative reviews):

Coverage was fair, not what I anticipated from reading the reviews. Felt substantial and oily on the face, in the beginning, got some better during the day. The scent smelled like foundations when they first came out years ago, too strong for me.

Diane K